Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy

Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy
Walt Disney Records: 2010

This is not Daft Punk’s latest record. This is a soundtrack. You will not discover the next Homework when you listen to this film score. You will, however, hear one of the better musical additions to a science fiction film in quite some time. Guy-Manuel and Thomas are well aware that we’re all licking our chops for a reboot of their classics, but you’ll only hear hot flashes of them throughout Tron’s soundtrack. Sorry, folks. For now, just admire the duo’s versatility, and the life they bring to the grid. An otherworldly score for another world; place your faith behind the robots.

For most of the film, the 90-piece orchestra takes center stage. The ever-flowing “Solar Sailor” summarizes the entire score very nicely; String-heavy atmosphere with a line of controlled synth, complacent in its blending role. If either portion is taken out of the equation, the world of TRON loses credibility; As technologically awe-inspiring as it is, lest we forget that it’s man-made. “It’s like, two planets revolving around the same sun… bong-bong…” © RZA

Really, the only time you’ll hear unmistakable shades of Daft Punk as we’ve all come to know and love them, is with the tracks that play when the duo makes their cameo in the actual film. As digital disc jockeys spinning in an exclusive club environment, the rich electronic sounds of “End of Line” carefully pounce forward before the utter chaos ensues during “Derezzed”. Match these two with the end titles and you’ve got your Daft Punk in-their-element fix that sounds as fresh as ever. Though the assurance in knowing that they’ve brilliantly executed outside of their element is what’s most noteworthy.

4 out of 5

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