Comic Wow – Music for Mysteries of Mind Space and Time

Comic Wow – Music for Mysteries of Mind Space and Time
Asthmatic Kitty: 2010

I get it. Asthmatic Kitty does some weird stuff. Music-genre-bending weird stuff. But this – well – this might top them all. Comic Wow’s contribution to the Asthmatic Kitty Library Catalog series, Music For Mysteries Of Mind Space And Time, is purely perplexing, in every sense of the word.

There is some sort of odd medley of country banjo, beach jazz, trippy lounge, and glitch-hop that is at once alarming and baffling. This contrast is so stark in fact that many songs begin sounding like something pulled from the Oregon Trail soundtrack, without the constant interruptions informing of someone’s untimely illness or death, and then end up sounding like something off of John Zorn’s The Dreamers. Meanwhile, tracks like “Miami Song Tennis” at times seem fit for a Nintendo soundtrack – perhaps Mario Kart or something of the sort.

The point is that this music is absolutely unclassifiable. But beyond that, there is a deep, brooding emotion here that sneaks up on the listener. Sure, the happy-go-lucky keyboard and guitar melodies are smooth and relieving at first, but don’t be mistaken – at this album’s core is something haunting and sinister (almost like the feeling you get when you watch a Gary Wilson video). It might be the fact that not one track stays focused for more than 30 seconds. It might be the fact that startling ambient sounds creep up from the depths of the layered sounds, appearing out of nowhere.

Whatever it is, there is something absolutely mysterious about this album. And it is this sense of mystery, which the title hints at, that actually makes this a rewarding listen. Music For Mysteries Of Mind Space And Time is not for the faint of heart. It is certainly not enjoyable upon first listens, with the exception of standout tracks such as “Miami Song Tennis 2” and “Jazz Computer”. But those who are willing to press onward into repeat listens will find themselves with an intricate album on their hands – one that challenges the listener in the most eerie way. Consider yourself warned.

3 out of 5
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  1. Not what I was expecting at all.

  2. Nice review, Zach.

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