Album Review: Bomb Zombies – Sincerely Yours EP

Bomb Zombies – Sincerely Yours EP
Hellfyre Club: 2010

Upon reading the first reports of the Bomb Zombies’ (DJ Nobody and Nocando of Los Angeles’ Low End Theory) Sincerely Yours EP, the words that kept coming up all related to massive amounts of bass: “thumps” “booms” “slaps” “earthquakes”, etc. And boy, were they right.  The Sincerely Yours EP will leave your subwoofer begging for mercy, despite its 31-minute running time.  But in those 31 minutes, the Bomb Zombies entertain the hell out of you as they put their spin on what passes for popular hip-hop these days.

Conceived on a plane trip to Japan, Nobody and Nocando went through gigs worth Drake, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, and everyone else you see rolling through the Top 40 and incorporated 808s, AutoTune, heavy synthesizers, “You’re A Jerk,” raunchy lyrics, catchy hooks, and whatever else you might hear in the club.  There are even traces of the hyphy movement in here (RIP). It’s like an amalgamation of the aforementioned artists and the Cool Kids.  Despite the album recycling many familiar elements, it still feels fresher than that shirt you just pulled out the dryer.  The AutoTune can be off-putting, especially on “Sincerely Yours” where the hook got the song skipped a few times.  But Nocando is a clever dude and despite the album being a party album, he still shows the lyrical skills that made his Jimmy the Lock album a good listen.  “Fuckwhatchaheard”, “Lock the Balcony”, and “Over the Edge” will inspire you to shake your ass and throw back some shots.  “Ratinacage” is a head-nodder that borrows from one of my top-5 favorite rock bands, the Smashing Pumpkins, and their classic “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”.

Funny thing about the Bomb Zombies’ EP is that it embraces all these elements that purists have maligned, and they’ve made it not only listenable, but incredibly enjoyable.  With only nine songs, they don’t get a whole lot of wiggle room, and the last two songs, “Wednesday” and “Bangs” range from “meh” to “SKIP!” and you have to get past the hook on the otherwise solid “Sincerely Yours.”  The Bomb Zombies made a good call by limiting it to an EP, as I’m not sure the appeal would last for an entire album.  It is, after all, heavy on the AutoTune and the discriminating ear can only take so much before you get up screaming “Nooooo!!! KAAANYEEEE!!!!! PAAAIIIIIIIIIIN!!” like Shatner in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The rest of the album ranges from solid to pretty good, and it WILL make you get busy.  Bust out the shots and crank the subwoofer to 11.

3.5 out of 5
[audio:|titles=04 LOCK THE BALCONY (FEAT. KAIL) 1]

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