Action Bronson Takes Down Overzealous Fan In Cambridge, MA

action-bronson-48-hoursIf you were in the Cambridge, Mass. area last night, I hope that means you were at Action Bronson and Big K.R.I.T.’s show at the Middle East Downstairs. If not, then you missed the following:

As Bronson tweeted early this morning, it’s one thing if you brings you onstage or asks you to join him. But if you think you’re going to get away with just hopping up there while he’s performing, it’s not going to end well. As you have likely gathered at this point, Bam Bam took out some huge dude who jumped onstage and, thankfully, the cameras were rolling. Someone get this guy a professional wrestling contract already.

You can watch the clip below.

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  1. Well the fans seemed to love it. I hear ya though. Rushing the stage has a time and place.. that prolly wasn’t it.

  2. hahahaha, this is fucking hilarious. Dont bum rush the stage man.

  3. pretty epic he just spit “I put you in the arm bar with the quckness” and literally 5 seconds later this happen lol

  4. Shaked Ben Samun|

    yeah guys jumpin on stage uninvited is a fool but damn he’s a fan,dick move bronson..dick move.

  5. Fitting with the song and with what happened in the video for Steve Wynn

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