Download Abhi & Dijon’s Smooth, Great New EP

abhi-dijon-epAbhi & Dijon is an R&B duo hailing from Ellicott City, Md. and they may have just dropped one of the best projects of the year so far. Their new self-titled EP is a brief-but-potent listening experience weighing in at just under 13 minutes and four tracks total. The running time is not an issue, not in the least bit, because you’ll think this is a full-length by the fourth time you play it. Trust, you will listen to Abhi//Dijon more than once, especially after the second track, “Distant Love,” hits you.

These two, relatively unknown artists have been captivating us since sharing the phenomenal “what changed” back in October. While that track has all but disappeared from the web, you can still listen to it here and it’s recommended that you do. Hearing that demo track will give you a glimpse of what Abhi & Dijon were starting with and have fully realized with their self-titled EP. This is uber-dreamy R&B for folks who appreciate distinct, understated vocals with absolutely stunning production. And by the way closing track “Young” ends so abruptly, it feels like this duo is merely whetting our appetites for a full-length project. Until then, marinate on Abhi & Dijon.

You can hear the EP below and download it here.

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  1. Yes to this EP!

  2. Andrew_Martin520|

    I know! This EP is so damn good it hurts.

  3. these tracks are bangin’ on some futuristic soul sh!t..much respect!!

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