A Comprehensive Guide to Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’

earl-sweatshirt-studioWithout a doubt, Earl Sweatshirt’s proper debut album, Doris, is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. That is, of course, if it drops this year. We’re confident, though, as the 19-year-old Odd Future rapper has made it clear that the album is indeed finished. On Dec. 31, he hinted at its near completion with a tweet about how all he need was some vocals from Frank Ocean and it would be a wrap. Then, on Jan. 12, he revealed that the only step left was the mixing process, which he said should only take about a week or so.

So as we wait patiently to hear something new—it feels like forever since his noir-ish “Chum” video dropped—we have put together a comprehensive guide to Doris. We will update this page as frequently as possible to deliver any and all information associated with the album, including pre-order links, revealed guest features, and everything in between.

July 16 Update: We have a release date, Aug. 20, and you can pre-order Doris on Amazon.

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19 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Guide to Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’

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  1. falei oalei|

    love sweatshirts style

  2. RachRockinOut|

    So Pitchfork even thinks this is one of the best new albums out there http://smarturl.it/EarlP4K well done Earl

  3. Lo estoy escuchando, me provoca un buen porro.

  4. Earl is a genius. His word usage is Impressive and the album will be magnificent. I aspect nothing less then perfection from this gent.

  5. Caleb Hill|

    Late July

  6. kingkias prynce nerdy|

    Earl is one of the best rappers in the game, one of the best ever! If not for earl, I don’t know if I’d like odd future as much as I do but he cruises on a track! He has a dark grunge atmosphere surrounded by some superb wordplay!
    But frank ocean is a decent rapper, hodgy beats is a haphazard wordslinger, Tyler is a character but Earl, Earl is the arsenal of abnormally crafted verses and songs
    http://hippynature.blogspot.com for more superb hip hop art abd culture

  7. Agreed. Still – i’m not getting my hopes on cuz he is an Odd Future member after all. Remember what happened with MelloHype and Tyler “real” albums….yeah – exactly

  8. Tyler did you . Have you listened to his new album?

  9. I don’t care what this dude raps about, because all his lyrics are fucking amazing! Despite his old stuff being about kidnapping and rape aha. I started listening to him and OF around when Yonkers came out, but I heard EARL and Assmilk first and i was impressed. And I found out that he was “gone” so I was so stoked to hear him on Oldie when the OF Tape Volume 2 came out, after waiting like 7 months. I really like the new Earl because he’s matured a lot, subject matter wise, but he hasn’t changed his style of rapping! This albums gonna be so sick!

  10. DatHoodrat|

    album will be on repeat for a long time……


    Theres a good chance Jonwayne will have some production on the album

  12. Some tracks he recently performed at sxsw



    the first is called hive you might have heard/seen him perform it live before and the second one is called 20 wave caps and i’m not sure but i think its the first time he has performed it, but not 100% so dont get pissy, anyway just thought i would help YGM!!

  13. wtfRonald|

    Earl is the only odd future member I take the time to listen to. This does not include Frank Ocean.

  14. It’s his proper debut on a label.

  15. This is his second album

  16. I love Chum to death and I agree that it is central to understand who Earl is becoming, but Home is overlooked (not in this article, in general) that track is fucking sick, its so energetic and fun i hope theres a lot more beats on Doris that sound like it. he just sounds right over it

  17. Got it, thank you.

  18. Just a heads up, Earl is the one who did the keys for Chum, Christian Rich only did the drums.

    Also stoked for this album. I always recognized Earl’s talent but couldn’t fuck with all that triple six, rebel, rape, murder shit. It’s not genuine. Glad he’s not afraid to mature and be himself. Wish Tyler would follow fucking suit.

  19. King VitaMN|

    “I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me because i rapped about raping girls when i was 15.”
    That’s the quote that got me amped for this release. His old shit did nothing for me, thought it was clear dude had bars.

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