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813 – “Plumbeous Bubbles” [Potholes Premiere]

813 – “Plumbeous Bubbles” [Potholes Premiere]

Rainbow  813   Plumbeous Bubbles [Potholes Premiere]Plumbeous means, “Of the dull gray color of lead.” However, there’s nothing dull about 813’s “Plumbeous Bubbles”. The track’s synths whine, the leads bounce and with some glitched out vocals that dance. Don’t feel ashamed, we’re all dancing to this one. It was only a month ago that Alexander Goryachev released Dusty Bubbles–an 8-bit adventure. Now, Potholes has the pleasure of premiering a single from his upcoming EP Spectrum Riff.  It’s due out on Dec. 12th and from what I’ve heard it’s going to be awesome. I hope ya’ll enjoy this as much as I do!

Hit the skip to stream the single.

813 – Plumbeous Bubbles by Donky Pitch