7evenThirty Commands The Camera In His Video For “The Problem”


When 7evenThirty raps, you listen. When he sings, you listen. And when the Mello Music Group artist does both on-camera? You watch. The Jackson, Mississippi, native is far removed from his nascent period, navigating through political, cultural and racial turmoils in his video for “The Problem.” The standout track, taken from 7even’s July-released album of the same name, finds the artist extracting energy from 60s Funk and 50s Soul to transcend modern expectations for a hip-hop creative.

Tiptoeing on the edge, 7evenThirty is damn near untouchable in his purest form. He strings together sentences like an English major, hits high notes with palpable emotion, and drops diamond-tough bars that flow effortlessly.

The times are a changin’. Everywhere we look, lifeless bodies and oppressive systems serve as painful reminders of our world’s increasingly bleak state. 7even puts it best, noting that things are, to say it simply, getting real. Indeed they are.

In a concluding moment of irony, the visual rides out to the tune of an ice cream truck as 7 walks, straight-faced, down the block. You can watch “The Problem” below. Be sure to support 7evenThirty’s excellent album, The Problem, on iTunes here and follow him on Twitter.

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