5 Hip-Hop Acts You Need To Know (July 2013)

zeroh-coves-and-cavesIt always feels like we could go on and on when we put together our latest list of hip-hop acts you need to know. Our goal at Potholes is, above all else, to inform music lovers of artists they have never heard of, possibly glanced over, or even forgotten about over the years. We love the connection that can come from finding a new artist and subsequently sharing that discovery with a friend or two (or a dozen). We can guarantee that at least one of these five hip-hop acts hasn’t been on your radar just yet, though that’s all about to change. Enjoy.

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  1. fosterakahunter|

    To be sure, I grew on a more substantive type of rap music. A lot of these guys aren’t even trying to be any sort of good now. These digital-only mp3 “mixtape” projects are created with the same apathy that I muster when I throw it in my recycle bin. Not to be an old nostalgist or anything, but most of what I listen to is old stuff.

  2. senorwoohoo|

    That’s fair.

  3. fosterakahunter|

    Recently, not too much, but I do like Zeroh. I like Jonwayne, Jeremiah Jae. You covered these artists previously, however. My comment was not a dig at your article, more about how many of the new-ish artists, rappers in particular, suck. No message, no charisma, meh production, little kid vocal tones. I suppose you wouldn’t have much to write of if you treated these artists with the short shrift that I do.

  4. senorwoohoo|

    We were honest in our write up on each and every artist and presented our opinion with reasons and examples.

    You don’t seem to like much of anything at all based on your comments, so how about you offer something you actually do enjoy.

  5. fosterakahunter|

    Be honest: Tell me why I or anyone NEEDS to know any of these artists? What is distinctive about any of them?

  6. You should’ve mentioned Mensa’s Straight Up mixtape from when he was way younger; one of the best things I’ve seen

  7. Good to see the homie Pyramid Vritra getting some love.

  8. Real music|

    Yeah, Im gonna go “buy” their music, hahahahahahaha

  9. Stephen Lee|

    A very talent 5…

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