3 International Hip-Hop Blogs You Need to Visit


You just poured your blood, sweat and tears into your art and you can’t wait to share it. You single or project is mixed and mastered. Your artwork screams professionalism. Your uploaded content sits on a streaming platform waiting to infect the ears of listeners everywhere. The only thing that prevents you from achieving Drake status is obscurity.

Does this sound familiar?

It should. Artists big and small dwell within this dark place and ponder the uncertainty of getting one’s music heard. Music marketing experts advocate performing regularly or suggest that you should release content consistently. This advice works but it doesn’t matter if you do not have an audience to reach.

Hip-hop blogs provide a quick and easy way to build your audience. The conglomeration of niche specific fans makes these sites a great starting place for rising and established artists.

Hip-hop blogs are staple within the hip-hop community. Artists love to be featured on them and despise them when they aren’t on them. There is a strategy to getting posted, but I will save that for another post. Well here’s one tip: A lot of artists make the mistake of aiming big when they don’t have the name recognition or brand recognition to be noticed.

Artists also tend to only focus on domestic blogs. What if I told you that international hip-hop blogs will help you build your brand and improve your global presence? Would you be interested? On the next page, I will detail three international hip-hop blogs that I love to visit.

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