25 Reasons Why Danny Brown is the MVP of 2012

25 Reasons Why Danny Brown is the MVP of 2012

danny brown horns 25 Reasons Why Danny Brown is the MVP of 2012

CHECK!!! The Adderall Admiral has become one of the most fascinating non-mainstream artists of the past few years. Like many young/new rappers, Danny Brown took the post-Hot Boyz Lil’ Wayne template and flooded the Internet with music. But where many just over-saturate the market with redundant and half-assed work, Danny sounds like it’s the last time he’s going to get the opportunity to rap on a song; an urgency within every bar.

Sure his charisma—the hair, the fashion sense, the freaky tales of drugs and sex—add to his persona as a rapper. But that’s  all just the window dressing. Beneath the ’80s hair band rocker starring in a ’70s blaxploitation flick is a layered and complex artist who is one of the most stylistically and technically gifted rappers to rock mics in any era.

Danny Brown has the acute ability to cannibalize trends to feed his aesthetic base and regurgitate one of the most natural, yet guttural, rap approaches of recent memory. He’s the most lucid sexcapades rapper since Ghostface, he’s single-handedly reinvigorated punchline rap by being funny and vulgar, and he fears no beat. He spits over boom-bap, trap, ambient, minimal, and electro sounds like he’s the Honey Boo Boo clan at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Danny’s vocal inflections/characters just are the sweetener to an already flavorful repertoire of flows and content. He sub-structs despair, hope, fantasy, social awareness, street life, and desire in crude and pornographic montages of life that has few equals in a time where many rappers hardly rap: nothing more than vocal ornaments to beats.

But Danny Brown is the whole damn Christmas tree lighting the rave for a supposed coming apocalypse. So if you’re one of the unfortunates who complain about his nasally high-pitched voice or how his tight pants and outlandish outfits make you uncomfortable, jump ship here and click elsewhere. But if you love the art of rap, get ready to have your mouse put to work for the next hour.

We have compiled all of Danny’s digital-12s and guest spots to highlight how, without even dropping an album in 2012, he is this year’s MVP. Whether it be alongside Heems, A$AP Mob, Ab Soul or Don Trip, or rocking dolo over Araab, Evil Nine or Darq E Freaker, Danny Brown showed us why he’s the “microphone methadone”. Here at Potholes we do it for the people… STYLE!

Click below to find out why Danny’s our MVP of 2012.

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