2013 Grammys Live Blog

2013 Grammys Live Blog

grammy_awardTo celebrate this year’s Grammy Awards, we decided to bring back the live blog. We haven’t done this in a bit, but we thought it was about time. With that said, follow us on Twitter and refresh this page for up-to-the-minute updates on the show. We will also be keeping track of how well we did with our original award predictions.

Hit page 2 for the pre-show coverage. Primetime coverage starts at 8pm EST. And just to keep you in the loop, all updates will be made in EST.

11:28 – LL Cool J just got cut off. What a way to end.

11:24 – In which LL Cool J pretends he is still a rapper.

11:18 – We still have an LL Cool J performance coming up.

11:16 – Album of the Year goes to Mumford & Sons for Babel. What a safe choice. We didn’t see that coming, either.

11:12 – Every single member of that committee is going to feel really bad for voting against Frank Ocean in any of those categories right about now.

11:11 – “Forrest Gump” is rocking our world right now.

11:10 – Juanes playing an Elton John song, while Elton John is in the building. Kind of creepy.

11:09 – And… Juanes!

10:58 – Zac Brown, Elton John, Mavis Staples, Mumford & Sons and Alabama Shakes paying homage to Newtown, Conn. with the Band’s “The Weight”.

10:57 – Rest in peace, Austin Peralta.

10:54 – Always have to love the flashback to the past year’s fallen soldiers.

10:48 – Time Out! Time to pay respects to a true jazz legend, Dave Brubeck. Rest in peace.

10:44 – Commercial break: Dave Brubeck tribute, JT, LL Cool J and Frank Ocean are all set to hit the stage soon.

10:41 – Record of the Year goes to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”. We thought “We Are Young” would win this. And Frank Ocean gets robbed again.

10:40 – Prince hits the stage, just being awesome. And kind of sad looking?

10:35 – Taking a quick break during Carrie Underwood’s performance.

10:27 – Best New Artist goes to fun. Wow, what a drag for Frank Ocean. Even fun. doesn’t think they deserved this. We thought Frank was going to win, and that is our first missed prediction.

10:23 – Whoa. Jack White reminds us what it is like to rock and roll.

10:21 – Jack White and a bunch of ladies killing it on stage right now.

10:18 – And performing again, here is, Mumford & Sons. I mean, Avett Brothers. Edward Sharpe? Oh, sorry, the Lumineers!


10:11 – Sound the dub horns for Damien Marley!

10:10 – Stephen Marley and Rihanna running through a funky version of “Could You Be Loved”.

10:09 – Finally, Sting drops the reggae Police rhythm. But can we stop showing Chris Brown on screen?

10:07 – Sting.

10:06 – Let’s get through this Bruno Mars solo track so we can enjoy the reggae already.

10:05 – LL Cool J doing a Jamaican accent doesn’t seem right. But we are stoked for this Bob Marley performance.

9:58 – Zac Braff Band.

9:57 – Tyler, The Creator wins the award for Best Grammy Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.57.02 PM

9:53 – Kelly Clarkson just introduced her own performance.

9:51 – The Black Keys are bringing us down south with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Dr. John.

9:49 – The Black Keys show continues as the blues band dives in to what is sure to be a pretty rocking performance.

9:40 – Best Rap/Sung Collaboration goes to “No Church In The Wild”. We predicted that, too!

9:38 – Now Potholes favorite Mikky Ekko is doing his thing alongside Rihanna. Things are getting emotional right now.

9:36 – Rihanna is on stage performing now. She looks, shall we say, attractive.

9:30 – Even Kelly Clarkson’s fiance is shaking his head at that speech.

9:27 – Best Pop Vocal Album goes to, poorly scripted comedy. I mean, Kelly Clarkson for “Stronger”. Glad that category is behind us.

9:25 – Alicia… Drums?

9:22 – Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys are on stage together. Now is the perfect time to exercise your “mute” button. Unless loud noises and screaming is something you are in to.

9:21 – The Black Keys win best Rock Performance with “Lonely Boys”.

9:20 – Dan Auerbach gets a shout out for being the Producer of the Year.

9:19 – Just a reminder, Dave Grohl was in Nirvana.

9:18 – Justin Timberlake getting his song licensed twice in one commercial break. One for Target, and one for Bud Light Platinum.

9:13 – Weirdest speech of the day goes to Frank Ocean, too. “Picturing everyone as children in tuxedoes.” Awesome.

9:12 – Best Urban Contemporary Album goes to Frank Ocean for Channel Orange. Suck on that, Chris Brown. We predicted that one, too.

9:11 – Yeah, we heard Amy Winehouse playing in the background. And Nas is stoned…

9:10 – JT & The Tennessee Kids just tore it up. It is going to be hard to top this performance, folks.

9:07 – JT screams “church!” This is an extra funky gospel jam.

9:06 – Jay-Z leaves Beyonce’s side temporarily to shut down the house.


9:04 – Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce introducing Justin Timberlake. Perfect.

8:54 – And here is Mumford & Sons performing the same song as they did last year.

8:53 – Looks like the least important dude in fun. thanked Chick Correa. What? Little bit of respect for this band, even though we still hate them.

8:50 – Song of the Year goes to “We Are Young”. That is what we predicted. Less fun. more Janelle Monae.

8:43 – Carrie Underwood won some award.

8:42 – Okay, Wiz and Miguel killed it.

8:41 – Not very long. 🙁

8:39 – How long can Miguel sing without Wiz jumping in?

8:38 – Remember when LL Cool J made hip-hop music? Thanks for the reminder, Grammys.

8:36 – Dierks Bentley is the lead singer of Mouse Rat!

8:33 – Miranda Lambert is apparently someone people care about. We are going to sit this soulless performance out.

8:31 – John Mayer’s jacket is tight. That is all for now.

8:26 – Commercial break: Really though, whose audience reaction would you want to see if LL Cool J performed “Doin’ It”?

8:25 – Wish this was real lightning striking down on fun.

8:21 – 6 Grammy award nominations, and they still suck. Here is fun. channeling Flock of Seagulls. We’re sorry.

8:20 – Best Pop Solo Performance goes to Adele for “Set Fire To The Rain”. Well deserved.

8:19 – Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Obviously J-Lo didn’t read the memo. Oh, wait, she did. And Pitbull, go back to Alaska.

8:18 – Dave Grohl trying to sweet talk LL Cool J. We saw that.

8:12 – Ed Sheeran, love the mini guitar. Thanks for keeping things short!

8:10 – Elton John, two thumbs up. Ed Sheeran, three thumbs down.

8:09 – And LL Cool J is still on stage…

8:07 – Justin Timberlake gets his first piece of face time tonight. Much more to come, certainly.

8:05 – Now that that is behind us… Oh, great, LL Cool J.

8:02 – Torture is cute when it’s Taylor Swift.

8:01 – Taylor Swift is kicking things off with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. No shots fired. Yet.

8:00 – And we are off! We have our fingers crossed for Frank Ocean tonight, who is nominated for six awards and will also be performing.

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    Feb 10, 2013 @ 22:11:00

    Why do you guys dislike fun. so much? Some Nights is decent, but Aim and Ignite is awesome and one of the happiest albums ever. Just wondering.

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