2013 Grammys Live Blog

2013 Grammys Live Blog

grammy award 2013 Grammys Live BlogTo celebrate this year’s Grammy Awards, we decided to bring back the live blog. We haven’t done this in a bit, but we thought it was about time. With that said, follow us on Twitter and refresh this page for up-to-the-minute updates on the show. We will also be keeping track of how well we did with our original award predictions.

Hit page 2 for the pre-show coverage. Primetime coverage starts at 8pm EST. And just to keep you in the loop, all updates will be made in EST.

11:28 – LL Cool J just got cut off. What a way to end.

11:24 – In which LL Cool J pretends he is still a rapper.

11:18 – We still have an LL Cool J performance coming up.

11:16 – Album of the Year goes to Mumford & Sons for Babel. What a safe choice. We didn’t see that coming, either.

11:12 – Every single member of that committee is going to feel really bad for voting against Frank Ocean in any of those categories right about now.

11:11 – “Forrest Gump” is rocking our world right now.

11:10 – Juanes playing an Elton John song, while Elton John is in the building. Kind of creepy.

11:09 – And… Juanes!

10:58 – Zac Brown, Elton John, Mavis Staples, Mumford & Sons and Alabama Shakes paying homage to Newtown, Conn. with the Band’s “The Weight”.

10:57 – Rest in peace, Austin Peralta.

10:54 – Always have to love the flashback to the past year’s fallen soldiers.

10:48 – Time Out! Time to pay respects to a true jazz legend, Dave Brubeck. Rest in peace.

10:44 – Commercial break: Dave Brubeck tribute, JT, LL Cool J and Frank Ocean are all set to hit the stage soon.

10:41 – Record of the Year goes to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”. We thought “We Are Young” would win this. And Frank Ocean gets robbed again.

10:40 – Prince hits the stage, just being awesome. And kind of sad looking?

10:35 – Taking a quick break during Carrie Underwood’s performance.

10:27 – Best New Artist goes to fun. Wow, what a drag for Frank Ocean. Even fun. doesn’t think they deserved this. We thought Frank was going to win, and that is our first missed prediction.

10:23 – Whoa. Jack White reminds us what it is like to rock and roll.

10:21 – Jack White and a bunch of ladies killing it on stage right now.

10:18 – And performing again, here is, Mumford & Sons. I mean, Avett Brothers. Edward Sharpe? Oh, sorry, the Lumineers!


10:11 – Sound the dub horns for Damien Marley!

10:10 – Stephen Marley and Rihanna running through a funky version of “Could You Be Loved”.

10:09 – Finally, Sting drops the reggae Police rhythm. But can we stop showing Chris Brown on screen?

10:07 – Sting.

10:06 – Let’s get through this Bruno Mars solo track so we can enjoy the reggae already.

10:05 – LL Cool J doing a Jamaican accent doesn’t seem right. But we are stoked for this Bob Marley performance.

9:58 – Zac Braff Band.

9:57 – Tyler, The Creator wins the award for Best Grammy Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013 02 10 at 9.57.02 PM 2013 Grammys Live Blog

9:53 – Kelly Clarkson just introduced her own performance.

9:51 – The Black Keys are bringing us down south with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Dr. John.

9:49 – The Black Keys show continues as the blues band dives in to what is sure to be a pretty rocking performance.

9:40 – Best Rap/Sung Collaboration goes to “No Church In The Wild”. We predicted that, too!

9:38 – Now Potholes favorite Mikky Ekko is doing his thing alongside Rihanna. Things are getting emotional right now.

9:36 – Rihanna is on stage performing now. She looks, shall we say, attractive.

9:30 – Even Kelly Clarkson’s fiance is shaking his head at that speech.

9:27 – Best Pop Vocal Album goes to, poorly scripted comedy. I mean, Kelly Clarkson for “Stronger”. Glad that category is behind us.

9:25 – Alicia… Drums?

9:22 – Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys are on stage together. Now is the perfect time to exercise your “mute” button. Unless loud noises and screaming is something you are in to.

9:21 – The Black Keys win best Rock Performance with “Lonely Boys”.

9:20 – Dan Auerbach gets a shout out for being the Producer of the Year.

9:19 – Just a reminder, Dave Grohl was in Nirvana.

9:18 – Justin Timberlake getting his song licensed twice in one commercial break. One for Target, and one for Bud Light Platinum.

9:13 – Weirdest speech of the day goes to Frank Ocean, too. “Picturing everyone as children in tuxedoes.” Awesome.

9:12 – Best Urban Contemporary Album goes to Frank Ocean for Channel Orange. Suck on that, Chris Brown. We predicted that one, too.

9:11 – Yeah, we heard Amy Winehouse playing in the background. And Nas is stoned…

9:10 – JT & The Tennessee Kids just tore it up. It is going to be hard to top this performance, folks.

9:07 – JT screams “church!” This is an extra funky gospel jam.

9:06 – Jay-Z leaves Beyonce’s side temporarily to shut down the house.


9:04 – Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce introducing Justin Timberlake. Perfect.

8:54 – And here is Mumford & Sons performing the same song as they did last year.

8:53 – Looks like the least important dude in fun. thanked Chick Correa. What? Little bit of respect for this band, even though we still hate them.

8:50 – Song of the Year goes to “We Are Young”. That is what we predicted. Less fun. more Janelle Monae.

8:43 – Carrie Underwood won some award.

8:42 – Okay, Wiz and Miguel killed it.

8:41 – Not very long. icon sad 2013 Grammys Live Blog

8:39 – How long can Miguel sing without Wiz jumping in?

8:38 – Remember when LL Cool J made hip-hop music? Thanks for the reminder, Grammys.

8:36 – Dierks Bentley is the lead singer of Mouse Rat!

8:33 – Miranda Lambert is apparently someone people care about. We are going to sit this soulless performance out.

8:31 – John Mayer’s jacket is tight. That is all for now.

8:26 – Commercial break: Really though, whose audience reaction would you want to see if LL Cool J performed “Doin’ It”?

8:25 – Wish this was real lightning striking down on fun.

8:21 – 6 Grammy award nominations, and they still suck. Here is fun. channeling Flock of Seagulls. We’re sorry.

8:20 – Best Pop Solo Performance goes to Adele for “Set Fire To The Rain”. Well deserved.

8:19 – Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Obviously J-Lo didn’t read the memo. Oh, wait, she did. And Pitbull, go back to Alaska.

8:18 – Dave Grohl trying to sweet talk LL Cool J. We saw that.

8:12 – Ed Sheeran, love the mini guitar. Thanks for keeping things short!

8:10 – Elton John, two thumbs up. Ed Sheeran, three thumbs down.

8:09 – And LL Cool J is still on stage…

8:07 – Justin Timberlake gets his first piece of face time tonight. Much more to come, certainly.

8:05 – Now that that is behind us… Oh, great, LL Cool J.

8:02 – Torture is cute when it’s Taylor Swift.

8:01 – Taylor Swift is kicking things off with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. No shots fired. Yet.

8:00 – And we are off! We have our fingers crossed for Frank Ocean tonight, who is nominated for six awards and will also be performing.

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    Why do you guys dislike fun. so much? Some Nights is decent, but Aim and Ignite is awesome and one of the happiest albums ever. Just wondering.

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