12 More Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube – Heltah Skeltah

dre-and-cubeRumor has it that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, in the early-ish ’90s, had plans to release an album together called Heltah Skeltah. And depending on what you read online, any number of songs were originally intended for use on the project. These include their single off the Murder Was The Case soundtrack, “Natural Born Killaz”, and 2Pac’s “Can’t C Me”.

Of course, Heltah Skeltah was meant to come about in the post-N.W.A. days, when it would have made an absolutely huge impact. Now, though? Well, I’m definitely not opposed to hearing some demoes from these sessions, but I sincerely hope they don’t decide to rekindle this project anytime soon. Dre, just focus on Detox … if it actually exists.

Rick Ross & Drake – Y.O.L.O.

drake-rozayTo be fair to mainstream hip-hop listeners, I had a few picks in mind for what inevitably went to Drake and Rick Ross’ Y.O.L.O. mixtape. I contemplated Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana’s I Can’t Feel My Face project along with Drizzy and Weezy’s own announced collaboration. But I ended up going with Y.O.L.O. because, well, it’s the one that I’d actually want to hear. That being said, I am doubtful that will ever happen. Drake has his next album to focus on while Rozay is still trying to lead Maybach Music Group and have a solo career. Something is bound to slip through the cracks, y’all.

Q-Tip & Nigel Godrich – Untitled LP

qtip-nigel-godrichQ-Tip is apparently pretty fond of “super-group” projects, huh? In addition to his planned work with Common as the Standard, the Queens rapper-producer also announced a collaborative album with Nigel Godrich, of Radiohead fame.

According to a 2008 Los Angeles Times article, Tip said that it would be a sample-heavy affair that would eventually turn into a film. Additionally, he had this to say about Godrich: “He’s a big fan of rap. It’ll be cool working with him … He’s really dope!” Agreed! But, um, is this one dead in the water, too? Seems that way. Props to reader Ian Shepard on the tip (no pun).

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