12 More Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

Black Thought & Danger Mouse – Dangerous Thoughts

black-thought-dangermouseThe likelihood of the world actually hearing Dangerous Thoughts is small enough to make this grown man cry. I’m one of the bigger Black Thought “stans” out there and pretty much lose any shred of “coolness” every time I see the Roots perform. With that in mind, I’d probably kill for his planned joint album with Danger Mouse, the super-producer who’s worked with everyone from MF Doom to the Black Keys.

The two announced their collaboration plans way back in 2006 but since then, they have been busy in more way than I’d care to count. Also, Thought’s apparently too focused on his The Talented Mr. Trotter project along with performing every night on Fallon and recording a new album with the Roots.

Jay Electronica – Act II

jay-electronica-554Depending on the day, you can find me listening to as much Jay Electronica as humanly possible. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does? Sheeeeit, I’m tracking down every single guest appearance I can by the New Orleans native. Why? Because I want to believe that his proper debut album, Act II, actually exists.

I want to hear him spit passionate bars on “Exhibit C” and pretend it’s December 2009 again. I want to listen to “Shiny Suit Theory”, re-live the news that he signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and imagine that Act II is a reality. But instead, I get frustrated, kick around a few rocks (or whatever is closest to me at the time), and shake my head at the fact we were supposed to hear this and that damn Lil B collaboration already. If you respect the Based God so much, follow his lead and just get prolific with it. What else do you have to lose?!

OutKast – Untitled LP

OutkastIn our previous roundup of albums that will probably never drop, a reader noted that he/she would much prefer hearing a new OutKast LP over a solo Andre 3000 record. Fair enough, though we get the feeling that’s not going to happen … for a while at least. Three Stacks seems plenty satisfied murdering guest features and getting that Gillette money while Big Boi is doing the damn thing on his own. His sophomore effort, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, wasn’t great, but it showed that Daddy Fat Sax is keeping it moving and paving a lane outside of his ATLiens beginnings. It’s hard to be mad at that.

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