12 More Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

Jay Electronica & Lil B – Untitled EP

lil-b-jay-electronicaLong believed to be a rumor, the idea of Jay Electronica and Lil B’s joint project seemed more legit when they had a mini-conversation about it on Twitter in March 2012. That’s when Jay was all “Lets [sic] get busy on that EP we spoke of].” As you can imagine, that’s the last we’ve heard about it, with the Based God going on to drop a slew of releases, both free and retail. As for Jay Elec? Well, he’s appearing as a guest more often these days … so there’s that.

But really, is there anyone who wouldn’t lose their sh*t over this EP if it actually happened? Seriously, I think it would break the Internet.

RZA – The Cure

RZAHere’s another relic of the late ’90s that we’ll probably never hear: RZA’s The Cure. The Wu-Tang Clan leader was fully prepared to unleashed it around 1998 or so, but he decided it was time to let his Bobby Digital alias get its just due instead. And as the years passed and he focused on Bobby Digi and eventually soundtrack work, RZA got further and further away from his mindset on The Cure. With that in mind, it seems terribly unlikely that we’ll ever get a chance to enjoy whatever he put together for the album. I can only hope he decided to use portions of it on his later work.

Danger Mouse & Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life 2 (Kill Your Heroes)

dangermouse-jeminiPotholes’ own Ken Glauber hipped me to the fact that Jemini and Danger Mouse apparently recorded a follow-up 2003’s damn-good Ghetto Pop Life. For those unfamiliar, this was before The Grey Album, which obviously catapulted the producer’s career into the musical stratosphere. While that might be the starting point for many Danger Mouse followers, his work on Ghetto Pop Life deserves more attention than the world gives it these days. Jemini’s work on the project should receive the same props, too, what with his infectious flow, bagful of quotables, and attention-demanding voice.

That being said, it’s borderline frustrating to listen to the album now and know that a sequel exists somewhere. Please, someone: Liberate Ghetto Pop Life 2 (Kill Your Heroes) from purgatory.

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