12 More Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

jay-electronica-sittingLast week, we gave a rundown of 12 albums that we believe will never see the light of day. From Nas and Common’s Nas.Com project to Dr. Dre’s Detox, there have been too many records announced that either never really got started or are just chilling on an external HDD somewhere.

Whatever the case, some of y’all commented that there are plenty of other albums that have been announced that will probably never be released. After doing some investigating, we have to concur. Thus, we rounded up 12 more records that we’re doubtful will ever come to fruition, with our pal Jay Electronica leading the way. Sorry, Jay.

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  1. It should be TOO many records, not two! LET’S GO! #SpellCheck 😉

  2. Maaaan I ALMOST included that.

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