The 10 Best Mixes of 2013

disclosure-greyNow is that magical time when we try to wrap up an entire year of music into a few tidy lists and pages. It’s fundamentally a little absurd to try and do, but regardless it’s a fun look back at the mayhem of the past 12 months. Songs and albums are the staple lists, but as always there were a ton of mixes that stood on their own better than a lot of official releases did.

2012 was the year that Rustie and TNGHT stepped in with two genre-defining mixes that still sound every bit as relevant now as they did when they dropped. This time around wasn’t as obvious, but it left room for artists to push the boundaries into new and interesting places. From a crop of legends and some fresh faces, here is a list of 10 mixes we felt defined 2013. Spanning hip-hop, reggae, house, and whatever bass music has mutated into, there’s a bit of everything in the following pages.

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  1. Anyone find a download link for the Madvillainy samples mix??

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